Safety Procedures For Children

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Drop off procedure

Signing children in and out of class is an important step in a church's security plan. The following procedure will apply to all children at every session, including, but not limited to Sunday School, AWANA, Children's Music, Missions, Parents' Night Out, Children's Church, Vacation Bible School and Revival. Access to the children's area will be limited to parents and approved personnel. Parents are asked to sign their child in at the classroom upon arrival, and indicate where they can be located during that session(s) in case of an emergency.

Using a two-part identity tag, the registering teacher will place one part of the tag on the child's back (with the child's name written on it, if desired). If the child has a diaper bag, a security label will also be put on it. The parent will take the other part of the security label. The identifying number will be written on the sign-in sheet. The teacher will ensure that the numbers match.

Pick up procedure

Upon returning for the child, the parent or other designated adult will present the security label to the teacher, who will verify that the numbers match, and will release the child to the appropriate adult.